NEU Mk. II DTR 2-axle locomotive chassis


NEU MKII - Starter chassis - Loco kits

For those thinking of, or wishing to build their own locomotive, we now offer 3 power chassis options to help you get started. We provide the motive power and if you wish, also the electrics. The type and design of the Loco is then over to you! The chassis are provided painted assembled and tested but without controller or associated wiring.

The 3 options are:

  1. 2 motor, 2 axle chassis (capable of pulling up to 4 adults).
  2. High power- 4 motor , 2 axle chassis as above but with 2 more motors (capable of pulling 8 or more adults).
  3. High power 2 Bogie - 4 motor chassis. The 1 m long, two bogie power chassis is ideal for building larger “long” locomotives (capable of pulling 8 or more adults).

2 Motor, 2 Axle Chassis.

This chassis is intended for running with ”lighter” loads of say a couple of adults and children. This is an ideal entry level chassis to get you going with a compact but perfectly adequate, robust locomotive. 

For the 2 motor Chassis, we recommend the 60A electronic controller

4 Motor, 2 Axle High power chassis

Intended for running at home or regularly at the local club with heavier loads, this compact but extremely powerful loco chassis really can do the task, capable of pulling 8 or more adults. This is an ideal choice if you are looking for a powerful, robust but compact chassis that can pack a real punch in pulling power!

MKII What’s new?

1) We have reduced the main drive gear diameter which now gives us nearly 10 mm of track clearance to the main drive gear! (For picture click here)

2) We have extended the motor mounting plates down 1mm past the drive gears so in the event of derailing the plates can protect the gears. (For picture click here)

3) We have given extra support to the motor mounting/axle bearings by doubling the bracket thickness here. (For pictures click here)

Chassis Details

2 Axle 2 and 4 Motor Chassis

  • 95 mm wheels with 16mm heavy duty axles
  • Closed ball race bearings mounted in 4 independent steel axle boxes
  • Independent springing
  • High quality 6 mm welded  and painted steel chassis
  • Integrated coupling blocks front and rear
  • Length over couplings :  590 mm
  • Length over end plates (buffer beams):540 mm
  • Maximum width endplates: 255 mm
  • Width over chassis sides: 184 mm 
  • Weight with 2 Motors: 13,5 kg
  • Weight with 4 Motors: 16 kg


The motors have been selected for their robust construction, reliability, high start torque and efficient operation. They are fitted with closed ball bearings, quality armature, brushes and high power magnets which are all neatly packed inside a solid, closed steel and aluminum housing. Each motor produces an extremely high start torque (up to 1,3 Nm! this being the most important performance measure for model railways!). When multiplied by the gear reduction ratio 5.8:1 they give a huge torque delivery to each of the driving wheels.  The drive is designed to meet the high torque demands needed to move away from start and also to run efficiently when running at normal operating speeds, to maximise battery service time!

Motor Details

  • Operating Voltage: 12V
  • Voltage range: 10 – 14V
  • No load speed: 3500
  • No load current: 1.5A
  • Current at Max efficiency: 11A
  • Rated torque: 250 mN.mV
  • Maximum efficiency: 70%
  • Stall current: 39 A
  • Max Start Torque: 1,3 Nm
Price with 2 motors, inc. VAT:€ 695,-
Price with 4 motors, inc. VAT:€ 895,-